Betfair and Axel – Betting Advisor fixed matches are scam Reviews and Scam Alert. Stay away from this scam site.

>> Bad Reviews detected from several online source.

>> Bad Feedback detected from several online source,

>> Malware report has been detected for this website.

>> Fraud case detected with proper documents. mentioned below information in their site:

Betfair Group plc is the world’s largest Internet betting exchange. The company’s headquarters are located in Hammersmith in West London, England. Since 9 March 2011 Betfair has operated its betting exchange under a Gibraltar licence.

This is a very old website and in the starting, anyone can trust on this site but real fact is, they are scam and cheating money from lot of peoples. I got lot of scam report against them and finally I got some documents from one of my online friend who lost some money due to this scam and fraud site activities.

Some guys trying to manage peoples from different type of platforms. Facebook and tweeter is their main targeted platform to operate this fraud marketing. They are a team behind of Betfair banner. They are posting attractive offer for targeted peoples.

I am not writing too much about them because already lot of scam report are online and you can get them from search engine. I am giving here small story with screen shot and some documents for your well understanding.

First time, they will start posting below type of image to encourage you. See the image.

betfair scam alert

50$ bet and returning 23,400$. What do you think, if you can make 23,400$ against 50$ bet, do you need to manage facebook, tweeter and 3-4 more platform pages to collect clients? This is very clear that, they need 100 or more dollar from you and that is their actual income to survive themselves including their family. They never win such amount from bet and that is the reason to begging 100$ from you.

Second plan, if you feel interest to join with them to make huge profit, they will offer you: 1 match 150 EUR / USD have to pay to get bet details from where you will earn 3600$ or more against 10$ bet. If you request, they will charge you only 100$ as a new comer. Suppose, your deal is final with them and you paid 100$ and waiting for bet details. After few moments, they will be back to you and will start drama to get more payment from you. If you do not pay extra amount, they will be stop there, means they cheat your amount. If you pay extra amount, they will start another drama. Actually, they are 100% fraud and scammer. They will never give you bet details even they don’t have that. See some dialog which are collected from betfair representative’s facebook messaging.

Someone paid 100$ to betfair representative in facebook platforms. See image for payment proof.

Neteller payment proof to betfair

(Here is the profile link, he is the representative scammer in facebook and cheating money from peoples, not sure how long this profile will be active: Facebook Profile), also see in the image, Neteller payment receiver id in his message.

Betfair scam report

Now see the drama after received payment from client:

Scammer WroteSir payment is okay but have little problem, my Manager want 150$ more for payment to be completed 250$ and you will get today matches with 360.00 odd we ask for more money because we have payed 10.000$ for today matches and these matches is 100% sure you will win if you send 150$ more for completed 250$ now if you want to win you must to complete the payment, you will bet and good profit you will have.I hope u understand me!! Thanks.

hurry up games are ready for you I want to help you to win a lot of money. My BOSS told me that you have to pay 150$ and you will get matches direct. I will make you Happy .. you will see that im real im not scammer.”

Scammer Wrote “ See you now sir sea to pay me 150 euros and I will I give .. direct games are ready for you it’s a good chance you will take your e have many money just 2 games will be wealthy my BOSS I said to the sea pay 150 euro view to making conplet and I will give you di games direct games are willing hurry

I just want to help you with your money you can not be rich tuko e have many you’ll be lucky if I pay 150 euro for complete be games and I will give you”

Scammer Wrote ”See call me sir now my BOSS told me I could pay 100 euro last and you give them games pobrzjate you that he will now go on talking to the big Club please find me I’ll be a winner I believe you will have e have many money”

Finally this scammer guy begging and begging another 100$ amount but failed to collect and blocked that person.

Be careful from Betfair fraud team. If you face this type of issue, please share this with your friends to alert and avoid this scam site. They does not have any good reviews. Lot of bad reviews are online. If you really interested for betting, do it personally with your own prediction. No body can give you such amount what fraud and scammer showing everywhere i.e. 10$ bet and win 4000$.

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