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Hello friends,

I am presenting here a simple indicator and source code for you. Sometimes maybe we need to draw some comment on our Meta Trader chart. That times we need to draw from MT4 tool box. But now you can use your own comment in your chart with this simple indicator.

If you do not have any idea how to write or modify necessary code, you may face some difficulty. But don’t worry, I am explaining that. First you need to copy paste this mql4 file indicator in your Meta Trader “Indicator” files. Now come to your Meta Trader left side bar, click on “Indicator”, all the indicator will be show there. Now select “My Comment” file. Then right click and select “Modify”. It will be open with Meta Editor. Now you are able to modify your comment as per your requirement. Here find this line :

ColorTxt(“Name”, “I Love Forex” , 1, 200, 20, 20, Lime);

I had mentioned here my comment “I Love Forex” which is showing in the chart, you delete this and write your own comment.

Here I am using color name “Lime”, if you want to change the color, just modify color name, ex: Red, Yellow, etc.

Here “1” value means comment placement. You can modify this number to change the placement, ex. If you use 2, comment will come to left and down side.

Here “200” value also meaning placement, if you change this value to 500, placement will be bottom side middle point.

Here first “20” value also meaning placement. If you increase this to 50, comment will take place from bottom to little up.

Here Last “20” value means front size. If you change this to 50, comment front size will be large and vice versa.

So, select your favorite placement and modify it as per the instruction.

After modify any changes, you must compile this code. You will get on the top bar “Compile” option, click there, all the changes will be safe. Now put it on the chart and see your own comment.

N.B. Before modify, if you put the indicator in the chart, after make any changes / modify, no need to re-insert the indicator, just “Compile” and press “F4”, chart will be open with modified indicator.

See the image how is this. Enjoy your trading.

Download free My Comment indicator

You can download this indicator mql4 file from the this link:

Download “My Comment Indicator”


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